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Legacy in Lakeview

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Our work in this 1920’s Holabird & Root-designed high rise in Lakeview illustrates a full restoration project. The owners of a vintage condo on an upper floor were having one room remodeled, which contained a bank of original windows. The windows had all the usual problems: Stuck sashes, broken chains, failing weatherstripping, and extreme paint build-up.

We took the sashes to our shop, where the glass was removed, and the layers of paint were stripped, down to bare wood. Necessary repairs were made, including the replacement of two lower rails. The windows were primed, the glass put back in, and they were repainted on the interior and exterior. New weatherstripping and chains were added, and the sashes were re-installed.

The windows now function smoothly, seal out cold air, and look great. These 90-year-old windows should easily last another 90 years.

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