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Saving Stain-grade Sashes

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When the interior woodwork is stained, rather than painted, extra skill is required to perform repairs.  Fillers, such as structural epoxies, can’t simply be applied and covered with paint.

Such was the case in this 1890 two-flat on the Northwest side of Chicago.  The lower portion of the sashes had been inexplicably damaged, perhaps by animals chewing on them or some bizarre use of tools, and rot had set in.

The large window shown in the last two photos is the center front room window and measures larger than 4′ x 4′.  Repairs to these large sashes can be especially cost-effective when compared with replacement.  On that window, we were able to perform the sash repair without removing the glass, ensuring that the antique wavy glass would be saved intact.

After the finisher stains and varnishes the sashes, these repairs will be virtually undetectable.

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